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About Us

Based in Singapore

Peach Fleur is the exclusive distributor for Taiwan #1 lingerie brand, Anden Hud in Singapore.

Anden Hud means "Second Skin" in Danish. The idea of that is incorporated in their design for the products, for it to look simple yet sleek and most importantly feel comfortable on the body just like it's your second skin.

​ We strongly believe in its ethos of providing great quality innerwear to all women who wants the best of both worlds - comfort and style.

1 sold every 3 seconds

Once you wear Anden Hud, you really won't go back.

High Quality
Variety of designs for everyone

It's time to wear lingerie that looks and feels good. Feeling good in your lingerie is imperative, regardless of whether anyone else will sneak a peek of you in it or not.

Everything is 100% made in Taiwan and Anden Hud is famously known for selling 1 piece of innerwear for every 3 seconds.
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